District Superintendent Midwest Gascoyne, Mike Bell, is a Community, Respect and Equality (CRE) Community Champion.

The CRE project is a family violence prevention initiative managed by local family service organisation Desert Blue Connect. It forms part of the CRE Strategic Action Plan for the Prevention of Family Violence in Geraldton.

Community Champions are local leaders who promote messages about family violence in Geraldton by being visible, approachable and attending awareness events and activities.

Mr Bell’s message as a Champion is “Family violence isn’t always physical – you don’t have to hit to hurt”

“Having served as a Police Officer for 32 years, I have personally witnessed the devastating effects of family violence on individuals, families and the community” Mr Bell said.

“The cost of family violence is not only the physical injuries but community cohesiveness and wellbeing along with economic and personal costs”.

“Because of this, family violence is a top priority for WA Police and I am personally lending my voice to the Community Champions project to raise awareness and start crucial conversations.”

Mr Bell says that the key message that he wants people to hear is that violence is never ok and family violence isn’t always physical – you don’t have to hit to hurt.

‘If you’re experiencing family violence in any form, contact Geraldton Police Station for assistance 9923-4555. Let’s work together to stop family violence in our community.’

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