Discover a host of resources that provide education and support around family violence.

RISE AS ONE to Prevent Family Violence

Community, Respect and Equality (CRE) is a community-based leader in the primary prevention of violence against women and their children within the Midwest-Gascoyne region.

By adopting the CRE Agreement, participants pledge to take action to prevent family violence before it occurs by undertaking two steps:

  1. Working towards accreditation in Level 1 of the CRE Agreement: Introduction and awareness of family violence in the workplace
  2. Committing to the CRE agreed values and codes of behaviour, which are:
    • Community collaboration
    • Respect and cultural diversity
    • Equality
    • Safety
    • Social justice

We need to stand up and speak out. Let’s lead by example.

Find out how your business or organisation can join us, as we RISE AS ONE to prevent family violence.

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