New Sign Ups

We welcome two new sign up organisations to the CRE Agreement –Geraldton Aboriginal Sporting Corporation (GSAC) and Chapman Valley Football Club.  It is great to see sport becoming involved to prevent family violence and hopefully other clubs can follow their lead.

Employer guide to family and domestic violence

Fair Work Australia has released a new Employer guide to family and domestic violence.
The guide is intended to help employers understand their responsibilities towards employees experiencing family and domestic violence, and to help develop a workplace response to managing this violence.

Further information can be obtained from:

Updates to the Residential Tenancies Legislation

WA’s tenancy and residential parks laws have now changed to support victims of family violence and help them to leave abusive relationships.

Key changes enable victims of family violence to: exit a tenancy with seven (7) days’ notice without going to court, remove a perpetrator from a lease by applying to the courts, change locks or increase security, handle disputes about property damage or unpaid rent, and have their name removed from a tenancy database blacklist.

For more information go to:

The poster and fact sheet are also available to download via the link below:


We are always just a phone call away for any of the CRE Agreement businesses and organisations, and are always there to support, advice and mentor as required.  Please call the main phone number 08 9964 2742 or Daphne’s mobile 0409 642 745 if you need to contact us.

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